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Using SSL with NodeJS and OpenShift

While building my latest project website I decided it would be nice to finally use custom SSL. Yes, I know, I should do it by default on all of my sites. It's good practise....but it can be hard (especially if you are doing it for free).
I already use LetsEncrypt for my OpenVPN home connection, so that was my first port-of-call for an SSL certificate. The main problem is generating the certificates, specifically proving that you own the domain you need the certificate for. LetsEncrypt provide a number of mechanisms to do this:Using their 'certbot' tool on the server you need the certificate forAdding a TXT record to DNSProviding a 'known' response on the domain being requested I decided on the latter of these options as I had successfully used it on my OpenVPN installation (unlike the DNS option which I couldn't get running). I am also running on OpenShift so using 'Certbot' is a problem.

How I did it.. setup I use NodeJS for most of my 'hobby…

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