The development environment

With "The Plan" in place I have put my development environment together including the following;
  • Software
    • PIC
      • MPLAB  - IDE
      • Hi Tech C  - compiler
    • Arduino
      • Arduino 1.0.1 - IDE
  • Hardware 
    • PIC Kit 2 (Programmer)
      • Low Pin Count development board
        • I have modified it to include an I2C header and serial RX/TX header
    • Arduino
      • Arduino UNO
      • Sensor Shield
      • Network shield

    • Custom made I2C bus board
    • 5m Waterproof IP65 Red Strip Light Flexible 300
    • TIP 31A transistors (12v)

Modified Microchip Demo board

I have now updated to MPLAB X and MPLAB XC8 compiler.


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