The Plan

It will be October in two days time and, love it or hate it, the shops have already started to fill with Christmas stuff.  So like all red-blooded males my thoughts have turned to 'the lights'...

I had been thinking about a new project so it was a small jump to "thousands of flashing LEDS" :)

My projects are a way to learn new/interesting topic, so frequently not done in the simplest/easiest way.  The current list of topics includes;
  • Arduino
  • PIC Microprocessor & Hi-Tech C
  • I2C communications

 So I hatched the following plan...
  1. LED Lights (lots of them)
  2. Controlled by multiple light controller modules
    1. Each using a 16F690 Microchip PIC processor
    2. Each controlling multiple independent sets of LEDs
  3. Master control and synchronisation provided by an Arduino Uno
  4. Light modules connected to the Arduino using the I2C protocol (plug and play)
  5. Arduino connected to network to receive new patterns

I could probably achieve the same effect using just the Arduino and some multi-plexing, but where would the fun be in that ?


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