Arduino Franken-shield

I normally develop on a laptop, and have to hide my electronics away during the day (away from the kids), so I decided to create a PIC shield to sit on the Arduino.  The aim is to reduce the number of boards connected by wires to make development simpler, also to give me a second I2C connected PIC for testing.

Even to me this seemed like a strange Franken-shield, an AVR chip with a PIC sitting on top, talk about mixed architecture. I have asked myself "Why not just use AVRs or PIC to keep the development environment the same ?".  Well I have a few answers....
  • Arduino is easy to program with lots of libraries (but the development IDE is poor)
  • Arduino is a nice development board and easy USB connection
  • PICs are cheap and easy to built a circuit/custom board (AVR are probably the same but I've never done it)
  • I wanted to learn both

Arduino UNO, Interface shield, PIC shield and PIC KIT 2
Development boards
The pictures show my PIC shield mounted on an Arduino UNO.  The shield has the following;
  • 20pin socket with a 16F690 inserted
  • PICKIT 2 programming header
  • I2C header
  • 3 LEDs
  • Jumper sockets
I would put 3 more LEDs on to test output on PORT C, but I have run out of space (and time)

It was quick to put together, about 1hr soldering, and works really well :)


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