OSGi next steps

Its been quite a while since I last "dabbled" with OSGi due to other interesting technologies getting in the way, namely Spring and Apache Camel.

Following on from my previous blog I did some more investigations into OSGi containers after finding WS02 Carbon unusable, mainly due to poor documentation.  I tried several an settled on Apache ServiceMix, which I found easy to use especially the version from FuseSource (FuseSource ESB).  FuseSource also provide excellent documentation and examples.

A year on the selection of ServiceMix is still valid with its core technologies closely aligned with the set I am using;

  • OSGi
  • Apache Camel
  • Apache ActiveMQ
  • Apache CXF
  • Spring
So here we go again on the OSGi path....... I will document my journey in this blog, wish me luck


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