Pi Time-lapse camera

As a Arduino and Microchip PIC 'tinkerer' I was a little surprised  and sceptical, when I won a Raspberry Pi in a raffle at a conference I attended.

After a couple of evenings tinkering I set about the task of finding a useful purpose for the Pi.  I wasn't too interested in the low level 'control' projects that Pi's are often used for as I use Arduino and PIC for these, I wanted something that was required a higher level of control and processor ability.

I have been investigating various photography projects, but not been able to persue them on my other platforms due to the lack of an SLR camera or capabilities of the Arduino/PIC to interface to cameras.

So.....I decided on a time-lapse camera for my first project.

After a quick search I found this video on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4nj3FrMaZE), along with the source code, which was a real help.

Following a few fixes/additions to the code and the addition and configuration of a wi-fi dongle I had a working time-lapse camera.  The results of my first recording can be seen below.....

In the near future I will publish the code and more detailed steps to create your own Raspberry Pi Time-Lapse Camera.


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