The final build

Status Update

Things have been on hold for the last few weeks due to a complete lack of time ( and it being very cold in the garage). But it's almost Xmas and I am determined to have it all working and in the window before Christmas.

The Lights

I have finished building the first building the first "light tower" with 14 channels of LEDs (picture to follow).  I had planned 2 "towers" but it took too long and there certainly isn't enough time to build 2 slave controllers and the master controller.

The Software

I have finished the Master/Slave communication software using the I2C protocol has been finished and works well between the Arduino (master) and PIC 16F690 (Slave).   I have also figured out how to store data in the eprom storage in the PIC letting me set and store the I2C address of each slave unit.

The Slave unit

I have decided to build a single slave unit with the following features;
  • Programming header to allow in-circuit programming.
  • Status LED (to give feedback)
  • Push button (to set I2C address)
  • 14 Channels
  • I2C header
  • Output LED stage capable of 500mV up to 50V
Slave unit (WIP)
I spent an hour soldering this afternoon and am almost finished as can be seen in the pictures.
I still need to add the programming and I2C headers.


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