Booting the Coffee Table

The build continued today with the running of the rest of the cabling to the 2 motherboards, followed by the mounting of the boards in the table.  The purchasing,last week, of a number of extension power cables made the installation go smoothly.  There was only 1 fan cable that needed manual extension.

I have also fitted two power buttons (nice shiny ones) on the front :)

Table looking good

So here are some pictures during the build...
AMD 64 3500+


Intel Core 2 Pentium
 The inside has now been kitted out with a box around the power supplies and hard-drives.

Rear with power supply venting

Lid fitted

Inside (with box removed)

Front with power buttons
I have booted both motherboards and they both work fine.

Still quite a bit to do, including;

  • Build front frames and find glass to cover motherboards
  • Mount hard-drives and install operating systems
  • Cable management
  • Varnish
  • Start work on Arduino controller and temperature monitor

No rest for the wicked.......or the clinically insane ;)


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