Coffee table cluster up and running :) on the table has been on hold for a few months (due to illness),  but I have been slowly gathering bits to complete the job. I have also decided on a change of motherboards/CPU and more memory to make it more useful.
Front showing the chrome start buttons
Both computers are now 64 bit Core 2 Duo's with 4Gb RAM and SATA hard drives.  I have added chrome power buttons on the front, along with chrome high intensity LED's for the power and HDD lights.

Looking good

Both computers are running Proxmox virtualisation in clustered mode, which I am very impressed with (but that's another post).  I have already downloaded a selection of templates from turnkeylinux and successfully deployed them to the cluster.

Motherboard 1

Motherboard 2

The woodworking for the table is finished and varnished, just missing the glass for the end frames (to stop little fingers).  The inside of the processor compartments are lined with red and blue LED strips which I am connecting to an Arduino micro controller for some fancy lighting. The frames on the end, that will contain glass, are hinged allowing easy access.

End frame and mounted processor

LED strip lighting

I decided to network the table using a Zxyel powerline switch.  This allows me to put the table anywhere I want without worrying about network cables, and so far the performance is very good.

Inside the table the power supplies and hard drives are boxed-in, leaving a fairly large space for my electronics 'stuff'.


Power supplies and hard drives
All of the venting inside is design to route the hot air out of the table via the power supplies, as in a normal PC case.
Hard drive cage

The back - power supply vents
The final few things to do :
  • Finish Arduino controller - connects to all motherboard LEDs, allowing transfer to LED strips in case.   I am also going to add temperature sensors in the case to allow the Arduino to shutdown the PCS if it gets too hot (although the motherboard bios should take care of this)
  • Add some LED strips inside and a "case open" switch to light up my face when the lid is opened.
  • Install glass/perspex in frames
  • Install more stuff !


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