Arduino GPS Tracker - Part 2

Following on from my initial build posting (, my Arduino GPS tracker is now complete.

Arduino GPS Tracker

The case is a standard tupperware box, which is a little larger than I would have liked (and needed), but it does the job for now.

I have included 3 LED's to indicate GPS status, SD card activity (blue) and general error (red).  I have also added the missing components to the board.
  • Power switch header (can be 'jumped' if a power switch is not required)
  • LED headers
  • Pull-up resistor on reset line
  • Standard smoothing capacitor

Tracker board

For its first outing we went for a walk around a local gorge.  I loaded the resulting csv file into Google Fusion Charts and plotted in KML.  The results are shown below, not bad for a first test.  The colour of the dots indicates the strength of the satellite lock (maybe a gorge was not the best location for a first test). 

Tracker output

I have noticed that the latitude granularity of the TinyGPS library has some limitations,so will look at upgrading to TinyGPS+ (or writing my own - I have experience of the NMEA format).

I will create some schematics over the next few days and upload for those interested.


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