XBox One or PS4 - A tales of two consoles. (RANT warning)

Over Christmas I decided to upgrade my console from my current trusty PS3, but which console should I buy.... XBox One or PS4....

I have been a PlayStation gamer since the PS1, was this about to change ?  I had heard the XBox was more family friendly and was also a capable home media centre.  After much reading and contemplation I decided to break my Sony addiction and buy an XBox One; my reasoning went like this:
  • Backward compatibility with XBox 360, my daughter has a 360.
  • Subscription to XBox gold is cheaper than PlayStation network; which has been pretty poor recently
  • Conosle is/was slightly cheaper
  • More family friendly games, or so I had been told
  • It's billed as a home media centre and works with Windows 10
So after living with the XBox for a few months here are my thoughts...


Ok, so I had better explain myself.  
  • The user interface on the XBox is horrible, I don't know who they user tested it on but we differ on what we expect from an interface.
  • The backward compatibility is only for selected games; which is growing, but it's not universal.
  • A large proportion of the disc is used up by the base operating system
  • You need Gold for quite a lot of stuff, not just the monthly free games 
  • Games are HUGE !!! That disc quickly fills with only a few games.
I could live with all of the above annoyances as it does have some redeeming features:
  • Nice apps
  • Games play nicely
  • Gold works well
  • The backward compatible games work well
The main thing that completely ruins the XBox for me are the updates....Let me explain, every time you want to use the Xbox it will want to update something; the operating system, the game you want to play, something.  If you are a casual user like me it will update EVERY time you turn it on.   Now that wouldn't be so bad if the updates were "updates".  Hello Microsoft !  8.6 GB is not an update, that's a new game!!!!

I turned the console on today and was forced, otherwise Gold would stop working, to install a 450MB system "update" and then it wanted to install an 8.6GB  "update" to play Starwars Battlefronts; we gave up and played Terraria (which amazingly didn't need an update).

I have lost count of the number of times recently that I have turned the console on, only to be told of some huge update, and given up :(

So the the morale of this rant is, "Buy a PlayStation 4".  Come back "Ratchet and Clank" the family miss you.

Rant over

Guess I'm going to have to go and buy a PlayStation, XBox anyone ?


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