Breadboard modification - Power supply

A while ago I bought a new large breadboard, what I didn't realise was my 'push-in' power supply didn't fit the spacing of the new board.  I didn't really like the power supply anyway for a number of reasons so wan't too begin with.  Since then I have been jerry rigging a power adapter which has been a bit of a pain.  So today I decided to fix the issue once and for all.

Breadboard power socket
It was a quick 5 minute job to drill a hole in the board with my Dremel and install a standard 2.1mm power socket.  With the socket installed I ran wires to the red and black bannana terminals.
Socket wired to bananna plugs
So now it's a simple matter of plugging in my variable voltage brick into the breadboard and connecting to the bananna plugs (which I already have wires connected to).

Job done :)


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